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Roof Maintenance Tips For Winter

Getting your home ready for winter means preparing your roof to withstand the season’s harsh weather. Preventing damage from weather extremes common during the winter is important as repairs can be costly, and damages to the roof will expose your home to the frigid temperatures outside. Maintaining your home during this season and minimizing the damage should have you perform vital tasks before the snow begins to fall. Because the role of your roof is so critical in the home, keeping it maintained for winter will save you from future water damage and money spent on repairs. 

Here are some roof maintenance tips that will ready your home just in time for winter. 

Fix pre-existing damages

Missing shingles, damaged caulking, and damaged flashing can make your roof much more susceptible to leaks that lead to water damage. If the shingles are loose on your roof, they will likely blow away due to strong winds from a winter storm. These are damages that should be remedied before winter. Some damaged shingles around your roof are probably in reach so you can remove them yourself. If numerous damaged shingles need to be replaced within hard-to-reach areas, it would be best to hire a professional to perform this task. 

Further, you should check the current state of the caulking around your chimney and pipes. If this sheet metal is old and weathered, you should have it replaced before winter. 

Trim your trees

Another method to prevent roof damage during winter is to trim your trees. Getting rid of any overhanging breaches that are near your roof is necessary to avoid these branches from hitting your roof during a windy storm. 

Trimming your trees can be a difficult and relatively dangerous task to complete yourself, so calling a professional to assist could be helpful.

Attic ventilation and insulation

The roof is situated directly above your attic, and maintaining this area is important for your roof. Proper ventilation within the attic can prevent ice dams from forming and water damage impacting your home. Ensure insulation is not covering the vents in your attics and that you also have a sufficient number of roof vents installed. Insulation can also begin to wear and degrade over time. Old insulation will begin to deteriorate, leading to eventual water damage and causing warm air from inside to leave the home. Make sure that you maintain or upgrade your insulation in every part of your home before the winter months. 

Upgrading your insulation can be a complex process that might require professional assistance. Professional roofing contractor assistance might also be necessary when installing vents in your attic. 

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Icicles and Snowstorm

Clean your gutters

Although the gutters aren’t a part of your roof, cleaning them can help the upkeep of your roof. Cleaning your gutters can help prevent ice dams from forming and blocking drainage that will eventually freeze, leading to shifting roof shingles on the roof deck.

Cleaning your gutters is doable without a professional. Be sure to do this task before the temperature begins to drop.

Proper roof maintenance 

To keep your roof safe from damage, take the proper maintenance precautions before winter. This can include various tasks that might require professional assistance. When the nights become longer, the temperatures begin to drop, and frigid storms become frequent; knowing your roof has already been upgraded and maintained will alleviate all your worries.

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