Is Winter Good For Roof Replacement?

Is Winter Good For Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement in Calgary can be a daunting task, especially in the winter. But Is Winter Good For Roof Replacement? The answer is, it depends. Most roofing contractors will tell you that roof replacement in Calgary during winter is not ideal.

The main reason for this is that the cold weather can make the materials brittle and more prone to breaking. Additionally, there is usually less daylight available during the winter, which can slow down the replacement process. Plus, working in winter conditions is no picnic for the contractors. 

However, doing a roof replacement in Calgary during the winter isn’t impossible. 

Winter Roof Replacement in Calgary

Early Roof Replacement

There’s a very specific advantage to getting your roof replaced as soon as possible. Most roofers recommend waiting at least two years after an initial installation before replacing the roof, just in case you experience any major leaks or issues with your shingles.

However, waiting longer than that could result in needing additional repairs and service calls down the road – this isn’t ideal if you live in an area where harsh weather is common.

Once it starts snowing and the temperature drops below freezing, all those tiny tears and cracks on your old shingles can quickly turn into larger problems for your home and its structure, so we advise getting professional help as soon as possible during these months.

roof replacement

The Cost of Materials

Some new roofs can cost upwards of $15,000 to replace. Roofing materials – particularly the shingles and underlayment – are typically what contributes most to a roof replacement in Calgary price tag.

Not all products can withstand cold weather, though; if you’re planning on replacing your roof this winter, then it’s important that you choose a product that is specifically designed for colder climates like Canada.

Availability of Labour

Since people tend to keep their roofs and homes intact during the winter, opting instead to do major renovations when it’s warm outside, contractors generally have more flexibility in their schedules. That means by getting a roof replacement in Calgary done during the winter, you will likely get to pick and choose what times work best for you, instead of hoping a contractor’s busy schedule lines up with yours.


Finally, the answer to the question “Is Winter Good For Roof Replacement?” is while replacing a roof in winter is not always ideal, there are some cases where it’s necessary to hire a Calgary roofing experts. If you’re thinking about getting your roof replaced this winter, be sure to choose a product that is suited for colder climates and keep in mind the potential challenges that come with working in colder weather.

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