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How Much Does Insurance Pay for Hail Damage on Roof

When winter begins to loom, safe-keeping your roof is a must. Your roof is most susceptible to receiving the worst damage during the cold months from heavy snowfall and hail–with hail storms being among the worst offenders. Hail repair can often be costly but can be helped by way of homeowners insurance so you can properly fix your home and roof. 

Before disaster comes close to home in the form of a relentless hail storm, find out if home insurance covers roof damage caused by hail and how much it can offer you. 

Hail damage

Hail can cause severe damage to the exterior of your home that can accumulate into costly repairs and become hazardous to your house. If you have asphalt shingles, hail damage will appear as round impact marks, and your shingles will feel strangely soft. In the case of wood shingles, hail damage will cause dents and splits, with your shingles appearing increasingly orange or brown. And finally, if your roof is metal, hail damage will dent the metal as well as the gutters and vents. 

No matter what materials your roof consists of, hail damage can enable water to leak into the insulation and plywood and further cause harm to your roof. Such leaks from a roof that goes undetected can cause mould and mildew to spread amongst your home’s structure, inevitably leading to water damage in your interior and potential ceiling collapse. 

hail damage roof repair
Hail Damage Inspection Marking

Preventive measures

To avoid roof damages that cause eventual and hazardous structural damage to your home, take preventive measures before hail storms threaten your area. You should begin securing your roof by replacing all the loose or visibly damaged shingles. You can also purchase durable material and class 4 shingles that are made to withstand damages caused by weather extremities like hail storms. 

Homeowners insurance

Most homeowner insurance policies will cover all minor and significant damage caused by hail and high winds. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might include broken windows, damages to siding, and roof damages. Your insurance may also take note of the age of your home and location. If your roof was already in a state of disrepair prior to hail damage, you might have to pay out of pocket. Based on your insurance provider and the damage endured on your roof, you could expect insurance pay ranging from $4000-$12,000. 

Steps to take

In the aftermath of your roof being damaged by hail, you should hold off on repairs and capture the extent of the damages on a camera. You should also promptly contact your insurance provider to inform them of your roof’s state and find out if your roof has sustained substantial enough damage to file a claim. Inquire about the proper steps to take to file a claim in order to get the payment you need to sufficiently fix your roof and exterior from the damage caused by hail and contact Calgary roofing professionals to aid in your roof repair if needed.

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