How much does siding cost

How Much Does Siding Cost?

The average cost for new siding is about $14,910 for a 2,500-square-foot house. But the price varies anywhere from $8,420 to $52,250. It depends on different factors but mostly on two main things that is the type of siding you pick as well as the shape of your house. Usually, each siding costs you around $10 per square foot of siding. But if you choose a really solid material like natural stone, it could cost you around $45 or even more for each square foot.

Siding Cost by Square Foot:

Putting new siding on your house usually costs about $10 for every square foot. But the exact price depends on what kind of siding you want. For example, vinyl siding per square foot usually costs you less compared to stone. The size of your house affects everything about getting new siding. The materials and the work are usually priced by the square foot. Even extra things like window flashing and insulation are priced this way. In some places, you might have to pay more for building permits if your house is bigger.

Siding Costs by Material

Cost depends on the kind of material you choose. The selection of material depends on the location of your house, looks, and how much the budget is. Different types of siding need different levels of care. The prices for these materials can vary based on quality, thickness, and design. Here are some examples of siding materials people often use.


Vinyl siding is cheaper, it costs you about $5 to $11 for every square foot. You can make it look like bricks, wood, or stone, and you can put it on your house horizontally as well as vertically. It prevents moisture damage as well as keeps the bugs away, so you don’t need to do much to take care of it. But, even though it’s tough, by putting stress it can still break, bend, or melt.


Wood siding is a traditional option, and it can cost you around $4 to $15 for each square foot. The price depends on the type of wood you choose. Some types, like redwood and cedar, are more durable and can be expensive.

If you are going to install wood siding, you can make it safe by sealing, painting, and treating it timely. It can cause bugs to enter and might warp or crack over time, but the good news is that it’s relatively simple to fix compared to other siding materials.

Fiber Cement:

Fiber cement siding costs you around $5 and $10 per square foot. It’s made from a mix of sand and cardboard, but it looks like real wood. The great thing about it is that it’s tough – it can stand up to moisture, bugs, rot, bad weather, and even fire.

You can paint it as you like and give it your own style. Just remember, it’s a bit heavier and might take more time to put up compared to some other siding options.


Stucco is a special type of siding that needs a professional’s help to put it up correctly. It costs you around $8 and $13 per square foot. It is prepared from a mixture of sand, cement, or lime, and it gives your home a strong, textured look. If the installation is done in a proper way, it won’t easily crack or break. But if it’s not installed well, it can get damaged within no time. So, make sure to hire a pro if you go with stucco.


Brick siding gives your home an aesthetic look, and it can cost you around $8 to $21 per square foot. The price depends on the color as well as the arrangements of bricks on your house. But, in really hot places, it can create a warmer environment, which might not be what you want.

Installation cost:

The cost of hiring a professional for siding installation is around $1.50 and $4.50 for every square foot of siding, on top of what you pay for the materials. The price can change depending on location and how big or tricky the job is. Instead of a square foot rate, some contractors charge per hour, which is usually between $40 and $90.

Signs That You Need to Install New Siding

There are some signs from which you may get to know that it’s time to install new siding at your home. These signs include the following:

  • Cracks or gaps: If you see these, it might mean there’s moisture getting in.
  • Holes: Little animals or bugs could be making holes in your siding.
  • Paint bubbles: When paint bubbles, it could mean water is getting in. Fix any water problems before repainting.
  • Sagging: If your siding is drooping, it means the screws, nails, or strips holding it up might be failing.
  • Color changes: Too much sun exposure can make the colors fade and weaken the siding.
  • Hail damage: After a big storm with hail, there are chances of dents and cracks in your siding. Check timely.
  • Water damage: Water hiding behind your siding can lead to mold and even damage the structure of your house.
  • Higher energy bills: If your utility bills are going up, it might mean your siding isn’t keeping your home well insulated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a moisture or vapor barrier necessary?

You only need a moisture or vapor barrier in specific places in your home. To prevent water getting in and causing mold to grow, your contractor might suggest taking off your siding and putting in a barrier between the wall and the siding.

Do siding costs vary by location?

Yes, the cost of siding depends on the location. Depending on the weather conditions the material used for siding is different so is the cost. So, if you are living in a place where the weather is colder, vinyl siding fits best and is cheaper than others. But in hotter places where it might get damaged in extreme heat, it can be harder to find and more expensive.

What is the most affordable way to side a house?

If you want to side your house without spending too much money, vinyl siding is usually the cheapest option. It’s not only budget-friendly but installation is also easy. Even though some other materials might seem cheaper at first, the fact that vinyl needs very little maintenance makes it a smart choice for homeowners looking to save money.


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