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How to Spot and Avoid Roofing Scams in Calgary

Roof repair scams are on the rise in Calgary due to harsh weather and a growing population. Roofing scams increase with many subpar roofing service providers nowadays looking to make a quick buck. Scammers target both homeowners and insurance companies and take advantage of them.

At Active Exterior, the company guides you spot and Avoid Roofing Scams to save both your time and money. In this honest guide, you will know how to avoid scammers in Calgary and what steps you need to take to save your money.

4 Ways Roofing Scammers Scam in Calgary 

Learn about how a usual roofing scam works: After a storm, someone claiming to be a contractor contacts you, maybe knocking on your door. They force you to sign a contract or pay in advance. They might offer a roof inspection but secretly aim to cause more damage to inflate their charges for services.

Here are some techniques that scammers might use to cheat you when it comes to fixing your roof:

  • Demanding payment in advance: A dishonest contractor demands payment before starting the job. 
  • Excessive damage: The contractor lies about the damages to charge more.
  • Lowball bids: Scammers use tempting offers with lower prices or special deals that deceive.
  • Poor quality work: The contractor rushes the job and uses low-quality materials, leading to poor-quality repairs.

How to Identify a Roofing Scammer in Calgary? 5 Helpful Tips

If you are facing a roofing scam, watch for sudden cost increases after a low estimate, feel pressured to sign quickly, make big upfront payment requests, and promise to cover insurance fees in tricky ways. Also, watch for unnecessary fixes, unclear damage claims, or harmful materials sold at high prices. Staying aware of these signs helps steer clear of roofing scams.

  • Low Initial Bid Scam

Some contractors might initially offer an incredibly low estimate, but as the job progresses, they increase cost citing unforeseen issues or inflated material prices. A contractor shouldn’t hike up material prices midway through your project.

  • Insurance Fraud Tactics 

Contractors might try submitting two invoices – a low one to you and a higher one to your insurance. This fraud could land you in trouble legally. Some may promise to cover your deductible using over-billing to your insurance.

  • High-Pressure Sales

Be cautious, if a contractor pressures you to sign a contract on the spot with a “today only” deal, preventing you from researching other options.

  • Use of Poor Quality Materials

Some contractors charge high prices for repairs using cheap materials, temporarily hiding problems that could lead to costly fixes later on.

  • Demanding a Large Down Payment

Scammers often ask for a hefty down payment before starting work and then vanish. A reasonable down payment should cover only a small portion of the total bill, not exceeding 20%. Avoid companies asking for 50% or more upfront.

How to Avoid Storm-Chasing Scammers?

After a storm, be cautious about signing contracts or paying for roof repairs. First, contact your insurance agent to file a claim for any potential damage. Your insurer will send an adjuster to assess the damage. It’s smart to get estimates from different local and reliable companies to compare. Protect yourself from storm chaser scams with these five simple tips:

  • Get multiple estimates and don’t feel pressured to pick the first contractor.
  • Choose licensed and insured contractors; check if they’re part of a reputable roofing association and have a clean record with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Always get a written contract detailing costs, schedules, guarantees, and expectations before any work starts.
  • Ensure your insurance adjuster inspects the damage before repairs to avoid claim denials.
  • Pay with a check or credit card, not cash. Hold off on full payment until the job’s done to your satisfaction and meets local building codes.

Choose Active Exteriors to Steer Clear from Roofing Scams

At Active Exterior, we always protect our customers from roofing scams. We focus on providing extensive guidance to help you recognize and avoid potential scammers. Our commitment to fairness and clearness shields you from deceitful individuals. 

Choosing our services ensures; that you benefit from multiple estimates, verified credentials, and clear contracts before any work starts. We authorize our clients with the knowledge to steer clear of dishonest contractors. With Active Exterior, you partner with a company dedicated to client satisfaction and protecting you from roofing scams.


  • How do I deal with roofing scams?

If you have experienced financial losses, lost possessions, or divulged personal information due to a scam, contact your local police department. The FTC is dedicated to consumer protection and guides to safeguard personal information.

  • What are the common types of roofing scams?

Common scams include demanding upfront payments without doing any work, inflating damage costs, using low-quality materials, and sudden price increases after offering low estimates.

  • How can I recognize trustworthy roofing contractors?

Trustworthy contractors are licensed, insured, and associated with reputable roofing organizations. They provide clear contracts, references, and multiple estimates without pressuring you to decide hastily.

  • What precautions can I take to avoid roofing scams?

Always obtain written contracts specifying costs, schedules, and guarantees. Avoid cash payments and verify contractors’ credentials, affiliations, and customer reviews before hiring them.

  • What signs indicate I might be facing a roofing scam?

Watch out for sudden cost increases after a low estimate, high-pressure sales tactics, requests for large upfront payments, unclear damage reports, or promises to cover insurance fees in tricky ways.

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