Storm Damage

Should I Get Roof Insurance?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, guaranteeing you protection and safety from the outside world. Unfortunately, sometimes those factors from the outside world can negatively affect your roof’s condition and quality. 

Strong winds, snowstorms, and extreme hail storms can damage your roof, severely impacting its quality and condition, making it less safe for you and your family. 

That’s why it’s imperative that when you buy or move into a property that you get roof insurance

What Does Roof Insurance Cover? 

The type of insurance you get for your roof depends on what you want and what the insurance broker offers you. In main cases, there are two types of coverages: 

  • Full Replacement Policy – which covers all aspects of the roof, most notably roof replacements. As stated by The Balance “, it would be known as “full coverage” because it includes the maximum amount of perils (sources of damage) covered as possible and also gives you replacement cost.”
  • Standard limitations, which determine how much money you’ll get back from types of damages, are based on the current cash value of your roof. 

Home Appraiser or Home Inspector surveying roof of property

Most significantly, roofs are based on their depreciation value based on its age. Standard rules state the older your roof, the higher the amount depreciated. 

You should review the entire coverage of the insurance policy to ensure you know what you are covered for and when. Be very meticulous to see what you have coverage for, including if roof repairs or replacement is part of the deal. 

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How To Submit a Roofing Claim in Calgary

It’s important to take action if you suspect that your roof has been damaged. The best way to submit a roofing insurance claim

  1. Contact your insurance company and arrange a time for the insurance adjuster to inspect your roof. Meanwhile, you should contact a Calgary roofer, like Active Exteriors, to provide you with a quote. 
  2. The roofing contractor and the insurance company can also work hand-in-hand to handle your roofing repairs or replacement, based on the damage and your insurance policy. 
  3. Once the claim is approved, you will sign a work authorization note from the insurance company and pay any deductible that the insurance company does not cover.
  4. You can also upgrade or change the roofing material and colour choices so you can make it work with your home.  
  5. Once the work is completed, you will sign a Certificate of Completion that is sent to your insurance company to release the final payment on your claim.

It should be noted that every insurance company has their own set of policies and procedures, and this should be treated as a general guideline. Please speak to your insurance company about the details and processes of your policy. 

For more information on how we handle roof insurance claims, please read here or contact us. 

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