A professional roofer works on a roof truss in Calgary

What are Roof Trusses?

Everything you need to know about Roof Trusses

When it comes to understanding different components of your roof, there are a lot of different names, terminology and parts but they all play a crucial role in your roof’s and home’s structure as well as safety. One important component is roof trusses. 

Trusses have overtaken roof rafters in popularity because of their versatility, convenience, and affordability. But what exactly are they and why are so important when it comes to roof installation or roof replacement. 

What Is a Roof Truss?

A roof trusses are the beams that creates a roof’s frame. Trusses determined the shape of the roof and ceiling while also providing support for the roof. They are stable forms that are capable of supporting  heavy external loads over a long span of time. Which plays a big supporting role in how long a roof can last. Trusses are pre-engineered in factories and then shipped to the construction site, unlike roof rafters which need to be built on site. 

A roof truss consists of 3 main parts which are the top chords, bottom chords (which also can be known as the I-joints, or ceiling joists) and webbing posts. Roof trusses are used as an alternative to rafters, or stick framing. Rafters tend to be made from larger pieces of lumber, like 2x8s or 2x10s, and require an expert carpenter to be present on site so they can custom build and install them directly on the construction project. This tends to make rafters more expensive than roof trusses. 

If you’re remodeling, replacing or newly installing a roof, chances are your planners have already acquired a trust.  Another benefit to roof truss since they are often installed as one large piece. 

What are the benefits of roof trusses?

Since trusses have gained popularity over the past 50 years, there are many benefits to choosing trusses over other roofing when it comes to roof replacement or remodelling.  Depending on your specific wants and needs, as well as who you can vary the answers. But there are several lucrative factors to trusses that make them an ideal choice for many homeowners.

Some benefit of choosing trusses for your home include:

  • Affordability and cost effectiveness
  • Custom configurations
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Energy efficiency

Regardless of if your interest in roof trusses is because you are thinking of replacing or looking to remodel your roof, roof trusses play an important role in the overall design, shape and structure of your roof. 

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