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What Are the Costs of New Windows?

Replacing the windows in Calgary can be a significant investment that will enhance the appearance of a home, save your household money on utility bills, and increase your home’s market value. Windows prove to be a key component in any home, and keeping your abode maintained by replacing them should be viewed as an exciting project to tackle rather than a laborious duty to undertake. And while feeling overwhelmed at the extent of replacing the windows in your home is expected, you shouldn’t have to worry about the unknown area of window replacement. 

Become informed on how costly new windows can be, what the project entails, and the benefits you can expect to reap from this project. 

Understanding the Cost of New Windows in Calgary

Window Replacement Value

If your home is often drafty due to the state of your windows, a window replacement is one of the best remedies for such a situation. A window replacement will vastly increase the resale value of your home if you ever put it on the market. According to a report from 2019, a proper window replacement will allow a homeowner to recover about 73% of what was originally spent when reselling the home. Additionally, improved windows can help your home retain heat, which can save you copious amounts of money on heating and cooling bills.

Estimated Cost

The estimated cost of purchasing new windows and installing them can be anywhere from $300 to $1000. If you live in a multiple-story home, this price will expand. Further, the types of windows and the materials on the windows can inflate the price by a considerable amount. 

window installation
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Window Type Prices

Windows can come in various designs and functioning styles, such as sliding windows, double-hung and single-hung, awnings, and more. Here are some of the types of windows and their individual costs:

  • Picture window: A picture window is often installed for aesthetic purposes as it doesn’t open. They usually cost anywhere from $300 to $1000. 
  • Single-hung windows: Single-hung windows are one of the most common options for purchase and open vertically. They can cost between $100 to $400.
  • Double-hung windows: Double-hung are very similar to single-hung windows, except the upper and lower panes are able to move–which makes them a bit more expensive than single-hung windows. The cost of double-hung windows ranges from $150 to $650.
  • Slider window: Slider windows are often used for larger areas. They tend to cost anywhere between $150 to $800.
  • Awning window: Awnings open on a hinge, and the pane swings away from the window opening. These windows can be a bit pricey because of their convenience and efficiency and will cost around $200 upwards to $1400. 
  • Bay windows: Bay windows are the most expensive a homeowner can purchase, for a good reason. Bay windows can add value to your home and will increase functionality. They cost around $1000 to $5000. 

Window Material Prices

Besides window types, another element will determine the cost of any windows in Calgary that you purchase for your home. This determining factor is the material of the windows, which includes:

  • Wood: This timeless material will cost a homeowner around $150 to $1500 to purchase.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is the most common manufactured material used on windows and can cost a homeowner between $100 to $900 to buy. 
  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass will prove to be more durable than vinyl and is priced from $500 to $1500. 
  • Aluminum: Although aluminum has decreased in popularity over the years, it remains the cheapest material as it costs between $75 to $400. 

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