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What Is The Best House Siding?

The best siding in Calgary is the kind that protects your home indefinitely and never requires repair. However, we have not yet made a substance or material that meets those requirements. Instead, we must rely on the various materials that we do have at our disposal, such as vinyl, wood, brick, stucco and more. But out of these fine options, which one will reign supreme? Below, we dive into several common types of house siding to get the answers you seek.

Calgary’s Super Siding Selection

Vinyl Siding

The most common and the least expensive option on our list, vinyl siding is the ideal choice for siding in Calgary. It works well in cold and warm climates and is easy to install. Plus, there are many different colour and style options available, so you are free to choose from a wide selection. 

Plastic Siding

A good second choice, plastic siding is a more industrious and capable alternative to cedar shake and wood siding. It mimics their appearance well, but the higher cost, compared to vinyl, can make it cost-prohibitive. Although, with the proper maintenance, it will also last for many years without significant issue.

Wood Siding

The classic building material, wood has been and will continue to be a popular choice for homebuilders and homeowners alike. However, in recent years the price has become somewhat of a sticking point, which is causing wood siding to become more of a luxury product. Plus, the maintenance costs and susceptibility to rot and natural deterioration make the cost even harder to stomach. Although, who said beauty doesn’t come with a cost?

Green and Brown House of Stone, Cedar, Vinyl Siding

Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is almost as old as wood siding, and may even be older depending on the region. However, the formula, preparation and style of stucco has changed a fair amount over the years. In terms of cost, it is fairly affordable, and its energy-efficiency makes it a good choice for alternative savings. Aesthetically, it has promise but can look out of place when next to several examples of vinyl siding. 

Ultimately, the best house siding available is the type of siding that you want on your home. The best ways to select for cost are durability and price, but aesthetics can play a key role for certain people. For more information, or to receive a quote for your next siding project, get in touch with us today!

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