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What is the Difference Between Stucco and Stone Exterior?

Stucco and stone are two popular exterior materials that can make your house look amazing, but they are pretty different. However, there are some key differences between the two materials that you should be aware of before making a decision about which one is right for your home. 

In this article, we will break down the main differences between stucco and stone exteriors. Whether you want something that lasts, is budget-friendly, or just looks a certain way, knowing these differences will help you pick the right one for your home. So, let’s get into further details!

Stucco vs. Stone Exterior: Which is Right For You?

If you have any confusion about whether Stucco is the best or Stone exterior,it is best to consult with a professional contractor like Active Exterior. We can help you assess your needs and make a recommendation based on your budget and preferences.

  • Stucco Exterior

Stucco is like a fancy exterior makeover for buildings. It’s a mix of cement, sand, lime, and water, and people slap it onto the outside walls. Stucco can dress up all kinds of surfaces, from bricks to wood.

How Does it Look? 

Stucco comes in different colors and textures. It can be super smooth, a bit rough, or have all sorts of patterns. You can even shape it into cool things like columns and arches.


  • Tough as nails
  • Doesn’t need much looking after
  • You can pick from a bunch of colors and finishes
  • Makes your place look fancy with architectural tricks

Additional Benefits of Stucco Exterior:

  • Stucco is strong and needs little maintenance.
  • It’s good at handling different weather conditions.
  • You can pick from many colors and textures.
  • It’s usually less expensive.
  • Stone Exterior

Stone is a natural material that is quarried from the earth. It is available in a variety of colors and textures. Some common types of stone used for exterior cladding include granite, limestone, and sandstone.

How Does it Look? 

Stone is available in a variety of colors and textures. It can be smooth, rough, or textured. Stone can also be used to create a variety of architectural features, such as pillars, arches, and quoins.


  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Adds value to a home
  • Gives a home a unique and stylish look

Additional Benefits of Stucco Exterior:

  • Stone is also very durable and low maintenance.
  • It can last for centuries and gives your home a unique look.
  • You have various color and texture options.
  • It’s often more expensive than stucco.

Stucco and Stone Exterior Maintenance and Common Repairs

If you have any concerns about the maintenance or repair of your stucco or stone exterior, be sure to consult with Active Exterior.

Maintenance Tips for Stucco:

  • Keeping your stucco in good shape is quite simple:
  • Clean it regularly with a soft brush and mild soap to get rid of dirt and debris.
  • Keep an eye out for cracks or damage. If you spot any, fix them ASAP to prevent more problems.
  • Give it a protective coat by resealing it every few years. This shields it from the weather and keeps it looking fresh.

Maintenance Tips for Stone:

  • Taking care of stone is also straightforward:
  • Regularly clean it using a soft brush and mild soap.
  • Watch out for cracks or damage, and if you see any, repair them right away to avoid further issues.
  • Like stucco, it benefits from a protective seal every few years to stay strong and look great.

Common Repair Tips for Stucco & Stone

For Stucco:

  • Cracks: Fix them quickly to stop water from causing trouble underneath.
  • Stains: If it gets stained, try a mild soap solution and a gentle brush. For tough stains, consider a professional cleaning solution.

For Stone:

  • Cracks: Repair these promptly to keep water out.
  • Chips and spalls: Fix them fast to prevent more damage.
  • Stains: Use a mild soap solution and a soft brush to remove stains. For stubborn stains, consider professional cleaning help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which one is quicker to install, stucco or stone exterior?
    Stucco is generally easy to install and takes less time for installation, while stone exteriors can be labor-intensive and take more time to set up.
    2. Which one is more affordable, stucco or stone exterior?
    Stucco is usually cheaper than stone exteriors, making it a budget-friendly choice for exterior finishes.
    3. How do stucco and stone exteriors differ in maintenance needs?
    Stone exteriors are durable and need less maintenance, while stucco might require more maintenance over time.


By Understanding the major difference between stucco and stone exteriors you will become able to make the right decision when it comes to finishing the exterior of your home or building. Stucco offers a smoother, cost-effective option, while stone exteriors provide a rugged, low-maintenance choice with a unique aesthetic. 

If you are still not sure about which option is best for your project, consult with Active Exterior. At Active Exterior, our experts can help you choose between stucco and stone exterior finishes that will look good and last for years to come. We will take into account your specific needs, budget, and design preferences to help you make the best decision for your property.

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