What Qualifications Should Roofers Have?

Are you in the middle of looking for roofing contractors in Calgary? If so, you need to ensure you have a professional handle it. Hiring a qualified and experienced roofer can make all the difference in protecting your home from the elements. Learn roofers’ qualifications and training requirements so you can make an informed decision and receive quality roof repair in Calgary.

Understanding the Qualifications of Roofing Contractors in Calgary 


Different Types of Roofers

There are different types of roofers with varying areas of expertise. Roofers can specialize in flat roofing, shingle roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing, or asphalt roofing. It’s important to hire roofing contractors in Calgary who are experienced in the type of roofing material you use. Another important thing to note is that some roofers specialize in residential roofing, while others work on commercial and industrial buildings. Understanding where a roofer’s expertise lies can help you determine the best route for roof repair in Calgary. 

Qualifications & Training For Roofing Contractors in Calgary

Roofers must have a basic knowledge of construction and building codes. They should be able to read and interpret blueprints and understand the principles of engineering, mathematics, and physics. Roofers must also be familiar with the tools and equipment used in roofing, such as hammers, saws, ladders, and scaffolding. In addition to knowledge and experience, roofers must also have a valid license. To obtain a license, roofers must complete a certain number of hours of training and pass an exam. Training hours vary from province to province, which may require a certain amount of classroom and hands-on training.

What the Expectations in Training Are

Becoming a qualified roofer comes with various requirements to meet the qualifications for training. Check out more of them in-depth here.

  • Roofing Certification: In Calgary, roofers must obtain the right roofing certifications in Alberta. According to ALIS, “the term of apprenticeship in Alberta is four years (four 12-month periods) that include a minimum of 1,420 hours of on-the-job training and six weeks of classroom instruction in each of the first three years. Also, it requires 1,600 hours of on-the-job training in the fourth year. Apprentices must find suitable employers willing to hire and train apprentices.” The exam covers building codes, roofing materials, and safety regulations. After passing the exam, roofers must also complete four hours of continuing education annually to maintain their certification.
  • Experience Requirements: In addition to training, roofers must also have years of experience in the roofing trade. Depending on the place, it requires at least two years of experience, while some may require more. Experienced roofers are better equipped to handle complex roofing jobs and provide quality work.
  • Physical Qualifications: Besides knowledge and experience, roofers must also be physically fit. Roofing is a physically demanding job that requires a lot of strength, endurance, and agility. Roofers must be able to climb ladders, carry heavy materials, and work in uncomfortable positions for long periods.
  • Safety Training: Roofers’ safety is a major concern as they work in dangerous conditions. They must be trained in safety protocols and use equipment such as harnesses and lanyards when working at heights. Roofers must also understand how to work with electricity, as many roofs are equipped with electrical systems.

Benefits of Hiring Qualified & Experienced Roofers

Hiring an experienced, qualified roofer has many benefits. Professional roofers will better understand the latest building codes and regulations and the best materials and techniques for your project. They are better equipped to handle difficult jobs like steep roofs or complex repairs.

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